Code of Ethics

The RBSLI Code of Ethics
The RBSLI Code of Ethics focuses on what qualified interpreters/translators do in their professional practice. The code aims to produce effective outcomes to promote successful communication for all parties. Initial RBSLI applicants are required to affirm each of the six tenets that make up the Code of Ethics, to become RBSLI Registered.

Any complaint is impartially investigated against the RBSLI Code of Ethics. Please see the RBSLI Complaints Procedure for further details.

Six tenets of the Code
Registrants affirm that they will endeavour to achieve a successful interpretation during their transactional actions. To this end they will:

1. ensure that negative interpreting outcomes, resulting in the principals suffering harm, are avoided;

2. ensure that the discourse between the principals is clear and cohesive;

3. ensure that acceptable target language is rendered situationally relevant and with appropriate cultural equivalence as necessary;

4. ensure that they will accurately reflect the core meaning and intent of the principals involved;

5. ensure that they further their own skills and knowledge base in order to provide the best opportunities for successful
    interpreting actions;

6. ensure that they uphold the best qualities of the profession at all times.

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