Signature Statement Response

Signature Statement Response

28th February 2016

RBSLI would like to thank the interpreters who have responded in our favour via social media and other fora regarding the statement issued on the 25th February 2016 by Signature.

Signature's statement concerned RBSLI's submission to the Ministry of Justice to be recognised as an organisation that meets the policy requirements of the 2nd generation framework agreement for sign language interpreters working in the public authority's legal and justice arena.

RBSLI believes that this statement is misleading interpreters and other bodies; it does not reflect RBSLI's continuing dialogue with the Ministry or represent our position, it fails to give context to developments on our policies and procedures.

Signature's verbatim extract forms part of an earlier response to RBSLI from the MoJ. However, the remaining text sets out explicitly that the MoJ welcomes a revised submission. In fact the MoJ goes further by advising that it welcomes submissions from organisations who believe they can contribute to maintaining the high standards of practice that are required in a secure and publicly funded public authority:

"If RBSLI (or any other body) meets our requirements in the future, then we would be happy to consider including them" and "We are willing to work with you if you have any queries about our requirements and to provide the opportunity for further review..."

As a regulatory body of qualified professional interpreters and translators our principle function is to establish a robust and comprehensive complaints procedure to safeguard standards. Signature states:

'The Ministry concluded NRCPD and SASLI meet its requirements, but 'RBSLI does not at this stage have sufficient governance, policies and processes in place to be named as a voluntary regulatory body in our specification'.

"Following this assessment, we recommend you consider carefully whether a professional's membership of RBSLI provides you and your clients with an adequate level of protection."

RBSLI does not register interpreting students, all registrants are fully qualified interpreters or translators who have undertaken and successfully completed interpreter/translator training, which have been mapped by Awarding Organisations to the National Occupational Standards.

No body or agency should have any cause for concern in the contracting or using of an RBSLI Registrant's service. Consultations between RBSLI and the MoJ continue in order that we can meet the requirements to be a named regulator.

Finally, we would like to thank those interpreters who have responded to Signature's statement by expressing interest in registering with RBSLI. Should other interpreters wish to follow suit they can register online: click here
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